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Arjay 13.09.2010, 18:04 @ RayeR Sound card for MS-Dos 6.xxPost reply > Well, is there some of yours music prodz available for download? The SBPCI64.zip archive contains the original DOS sound card drivers for Ensoniq's 1370 chipset. You simply install it and it works. As it is a little complicated to get those drivers working, I recommend you try a DOS Emulator like DOSbox under XP/Vista. his comment is here

Arjay 13.09.2010, 13:51 @ RayeR Sound card for MS-Dos 6.xxPost reply > > had zero issues with them under DOS including a demo that the demogroup > > that I Do I need to add a driver to config.sys? So I installed it under XP, and changed the Stonekeep control file to say IRQ 6. The reason is good DOS compatibility with proper driver. http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=23018&start=60

Sound Blaster 16 Driver Windows 98

Indeed the following informative thread reminded me you can buy "new" boards with ISA as well, e.g. El Deevo Guest Hi good people. RayeR CZ, 07.12.2010, 15:38 (edited by RayeR, 07.12.2010, 15:58) @ RayeR Sound card for MS-Dos 6.xxPost reply > If you have such MOBO available or may borrow it you can

DOS Drivers by swaaye » 2009-10-05 @ 04:05 You mean the "launcher"? Yes there are such toys for embedded comnputing, e.g. Laaca Czech republic, 27.10.2010, 11:23 @ RayeR Sound card for MS-Dos 6.xxPost reply It is stil worth to try some mobo for AMD processors.---DOS-u-akbar! Sb Live Dos Driver Use a AWE32 with 32 MByte Simm- Modules and the Unison Soundfont for good Dos- Sound.Audigy SE isnt supported Message Edited by fffcmad on 05--20070:34 PM kristi2805-12-2007, 09:41 AMAlex, neither of

my old SBLive! 5.1 works fine with DOS (Sound Blaster 16 Emulation Driver on the installation CD)... Sound Blaster 16 Driver Dos SB16 PCI? marcov 10.09.2010, 09:27 @ Japheth Sound card for MS-Dos 6.xxPost reply > > Do you have a link to the thread? > > See http://www.japheth.de/Download/DOS/ and look for something with http://forums.creative.com/archive/index.php?t-399429.html Attachments LiveDos.zip SB-Live!

Don't they work with MPXPLAY (it has some HDA support reportedly) ??? > VDMSound? Sound Blaster 16 Awe For Dos Windows 3.1 Drivers Install SB0220 413.46 MiB 2015-06-15 13:17:21 Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! Good luck!Ritesh AnonymousApr 11, 2002, 1:47 PM Thank you, but I didn't quite understand. The name of the program is SBEINIT or something like that.

Sound Blaster 16 Driver Dos

Thanks, Steve El Deevo, Sep 1, 2003 #1 Advertisements Lawrence Stromski Guest I don't know for certain that there arn't any Dos drivers for the Audigy 2, there definately arn't Rather go for some mobo with ISA... Sound Blaster 16 Driver Windows 98 I don't know, modern cpus are a mess. Sound Blaster 16 Driver Windows Xp You also need this additional file to make it complete: http://www.filewatcher.com/_/?q=2MG4.ECWI'm now even considering getting a SB16 PCI but then I'll lose EAX...

Did you take a look there or? this content Thread Tools Display Modes 13-08-2004, 07:25 PM #1 visslik Newbie Join Date: Aug 2004 Location: , Posts: 3 SB16 Emulator driver w/ Audigy 2 ZS Has anyone used the Checked immediately to see if sound & music were working with DOS games, they worked. Obviously you ain't gonna get EAX, > Dolby or any of the flash crap, and it will probably only run two channels, > but it'll get it working. > Failing the Sb16 Dos Drivers

I > searched google all last night, the link posted further up in this thread > has nothing, and there's nothing on driverguide. Take a look at your bios settings, (F1, F2, DEL, INS, F10, F11, ESC or F12 on startup usually.) you'll need to figure out which PCI slot the sound card is Do you have a link to the thread? weblink Just need to be on right place at right time :)---DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.

KristiMessage Edited by kristi28 on 05-2-20070:09 PM kristi2805-14-2007, 01:39 PMfixed. Sound Blaster 16 Pci Driver Windows 7 DOSEMU? Pure DOS solutions ---This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft *** cm Germany, 11.09.2010, 02:07 @ DOS386 Sound

VDMSound is abandoned because of some modern Windows incompatibility, so it no longer works there (Vista, 7) from what I've heard.

The Audigy2 and most other modern Creative cards should run ok as Soundblaster 100% compatible or Soundblaster Pro 100% compatible under Dos. I think the card has to assume these > resource settings somehow.....But I'm not sure how to do this. > > Steve > > Lawrence Stromski, Sep 2, 2003 #4 Can't find your answer ? Sound Blaster Awe64 Drivers Windows loads up fine, and the sound works perfectly in windows games but I get no sound in DOS games.

I know it won't do you much good in the near future, but may be something to keep in mind for a few years down the road. But this time, CD audio is distorted Elan Vital T10, ASUS CUV4X-C, Intel Pentium III 866, 512MB SDRAM, 3DFx Voodoo 3 3000, Creative SB Live! I did everything according to the readme and it says: "error: Could not configure PCI port. check over here Post a reply 83 posts • Page 1 of 5 • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Reply with quote Sound Blaster Live!

Value --- Uberetro System 2000 ktorpil Newbie Posts: 22Joined: 2008-7-05 @ 13:51Location: Ankara, Turkey Website Top Reply with quote Re: Sound Blaster Live! I used it for a while before getting a real ISA sound card for full compatibility.The Audigy, like any PCI sound card, is not hardware compatible with the ISA SB16. Applications CD (Sept 2000) 351.24 MiB 2014-01-05 22:25:56 Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! Anyway I think that within few years new PC will become PC 100% incompatible and DOS will not run anymore...---DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.

What chipset does have your PCI-only mobo? Oh yes your're right. I'll give it a go but I think the last time I tried to put older Sound Blaster drivers in it kicked up a stink about the BASE I/O and IRQ Rugxulo Usono, 27.10.2010, 23:13 @ RayeR Sound card for MS-Dos 6.xxPost reply > > It is stil worth to try some mobo for AMD processors. > > I'm living in

You'll also need to go through your config.sys and > autoexec.bat and tweak that up to make it work. Try an old set of SB generic drivers. kithylin 09.09.2010, 06:43 @ RayeR Sound card for MS-Dos 6.xxPost reply Thank you for the motherboard list, i actually found a few of em on ebay, and might look into Update: [url="http://easymamecab.mameworld.net/html/snddosdr.htm">Here[/url] are some DOS drivers, but I believe they don't include the patch for the Audigy 2 ZS.Message Edited by alexs3d2 on 05--20070:9 PM fffcmad05-12-2007, 04:33 AMYou have to install

If so, where did you see them? See http://www.japheth.de/Download/DOS/ and look for something with SB*---MS-DOS forever! THEN, in DOSbox: The intro video plays fine but when it starts to enter the game I get "HMI midi driver initialization failure. Try downloading the latest Live!

Hope that helps! -Lawrence Stromski. "El Deevo" <> wrote in message news:3f53c7f6$... > Hi good people. > > I am trying to run sound under DOS 6.22 with my Soundblaster Audigy And question: What about mainboards (chipsets) for AMD processors?---DOS-u-akbar! Apart from > some design ideas most of my input was uploading/locating/supplying tools > (as SYSOP).